A flop called Trump

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 Deutsche Bank lent billions to the elected US President. The institute has not enjoyed its prominent customers for a long time - which is now apparently supposed to have consequences.

It's the end of an unhappy relationship. And if it were up to Deutsche Bank, then the divorce would have taken place long ago, knows the banking expert of the "New York Times", David Enrich. "It is very clear that Deutsche Bank managers have long had more than enough of Donald Trump," says Enrich.

And not just since he was elected from the White House. It was the German financial institution that helped Trump get there. With mega-loans to the building lions that no bank would otherwise want. In the 18 years leading up to Trump's presidency, Deutsche Bank loaned him, his companies and family members around two billion dollars.

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Just trouble and headlines

The bank will breathe a sigh of relief when its debtor is no longer in the Oval Office, says Enrich, who has also written a book about the relationship. "I think Deutsche Bank will do everything it can to cut its relations with Trump," says Enrich.

Because what once looked attractive turned out to be a flop for the "German", as it is casually called in the USA. She wanted to get her foot over a celebrity on US soil. And only got into trouble and headlines with Trump. And finally, the interest of the Democratic Chair of the Finance Committee in Congress, Maxine Waters: "Deutsche Bank has close business relationships with the President. You have worked with him and still do - where no other bank has done it."

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Personal guarantees

The bank has to worry about the Trump loans, says Enrich. "He will have to pay more than 300 million dollars in loans over the next four years. For most of them, he personally guaranteed," said the expert. "If he doesn't pay, his creditors, especially Deutsche Bank, can confiscate his property.

This is of course much easier when Trump is a private citizen again. "Before that, they were always afraid that it would happen, that they would get into this situation and have assets or property confiscated from the President of the United States," says Enrich.

Deals with Deutsche Bank raise questions

The question is how much there is still to be fetched for the bank. Officially, the Trump organization owns real estate in around 20 cities worldwide. But the shiny towers are partly quite dilapidated inside. For example the black Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York. Working groups at Deutsche Bank are supposedly already considering how to end the haunted relationship.

Deutsche Bank in New York was not available for a statement upon request. But insiders report: One idea was to simply resell the loans granted to Trump. There is one problem, however: someone would have to buy them too.