Snapods – Wireless Kopfhorer als echte AirPods Alternative

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On Kickstarter , the wireless headphones called Snapods are currently very popular. This cheaper AirPods alternative impresses with the latest TWS technology and a magnetic charging case that is compatible with every smartphone.

Wireless headphones - Cheaper AirPods alternatives available

True wireless headphones have been on the rise for a few years now. The best-known provider and pioneer of this technology, Apple, caused a real hype with its wireless headphones . The AirPods are far more than headphones, they have now become an absolute lifestyle product . The price for the AirPods is correspondingly high. If you can do without the lifestyle aspect and are looking for good wireless headphones, you should definitely take a look at our TOP 10 True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth headphones list . Another alternative is currently being funded on Kickstarter . The snapods come with theequipped with the latest TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology and has many practical features.

Bluetooth 5.2, mirroring technology and no "lip-sync problems"

The snapods are equipped with the latest TWS technology. (Image: Kickstarter)

The wireless headphones from Scendo use a Qualcomm 3040 (QCC3040) chip that equips the Snapods with Bluetooth 5.2 technology . As a result, with these headphones, unlike many other wireless products, music without annoying pauses and disconnections be heard. This is made possible by the Bluetooth speed of 3 Mbps . Thanks to the mirroring technologythe transition from one headphone to another is seamless and without disruptions in the connection. Users can therefore easily switch back and forth between the two headphones. This stability in the data transmission ensures that the Scendo Snapods are suitable for gaming, video calls, as well as just playing music and videos . So-called "lip-sync problems" , where sound and picture do not match, should not occur.

Up to 30 decibels of noise canceling

The other technology of the Snapods is state of the art. Each headphone is equipped with two microphones . The noise-canceling technology can filter out up to 30 decibels of background noise. In addition, the design of the headphones was based on the best and latest standards from the audio industry, which is also reflected in the sound quality of the Snapods. The touch control is also practical where various commands can be carried out with the finger. A light tap on the wireless headphones is enough. In addition, the headphones are ergonomically adapted to the earand thus have a pleasant and stable hold, even during sporting activities.

The star of the Snapods, however, is the case that comes with it . The Snapods can be charged in this as usual . The case is magnetic and can therefore be attached to the back of the smartphone . Although the case is optimized for the iPhone 12, it can also be used with almost all other modern smartphones . The charging case is equipped with an extra thin metal frame . It is particularly pleasant that the headphones can be easily removed and stowed away again. In addition, the charging socket has three LED lights that show the current battery level.

The Snapods battery lasts 45 hours

Overall, you can listen to music or make calls for 45 hours with the Snapods . This number is made up of the five hours of battery per headphone and the 40 hours of battery in the charging case . When you watch a movie or play a game, the total battery life can increase to as much as 54 hours. The case is a Qi charger and can be charged on any Qi charging station or a USB-C charging cable .

60 euros for high quality wireless headphones

The campaign is currently very successful on the Kickstarter platform . This is also due to the very affordable price of just under 60 euros for an early bird package. The Snapods currently have to be financed and produced, with the earliest delivery expected in February 2021 .