Square Crypto wants to make Bitcoin wallets user-friendly

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Square Crypto wants to make Bitcoin wallets user-friendly

The subsidiary recently awarded a grant to a developer to help make crypto wallets more accessible to everyone

The user-friendly crypto wallet increases crypto acceptance and allows newcomers a smooth transition when getting started. The company posted the news on Twitter , revealing that Maggie Valentine, a designer of the blockchain startup she256, has received the grant. The result of the project will be published in the Bitcoin Design Guide under "Best Practices".

The company's announcement read: “ This year we're awarding trick-or-treaters open-dimes and square-crypto grants. Speaking of which, this goes with Maggie Valentine (@magglevalentine) to a designer who is working to simplify onboarding processes for Wallet by reducing the use of technical jargon and improving user training. "

Valentine's task is to examine the user-friendliness of Bitcoin even for users who only have a basic knowledge. It will also review the complexity associated with the wallet's user experience.

An excerpt from your proposal to Square reads: “ ... the current status of products and experiences in this industry create strong barriers to entry. Wallet entries are often associated with technical jargon, unknown user concepts and little or no training. Without a technical background, users are often discouraged from taking advantage of the technology. "

Valentine highlighted private keys and starting phrases as major stumbling blocks for potential investors who are previously unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. The grant will help her investigate user behavior in relation to the above elements, which are crucial in non-custodial wallets for Bitcoin storage.

The thesis of the project is based on Valentin's previous work with Cello, an open platform. Their goal is to build a financial system that guarantees the prosperity of each individual. Valentine worked as a product design intern at Cello between June and September.

Square Crypt's previous grant (to Riccardo Cassata) was announced on October 23, about a week before the current one. The grants showcase Square's efforts to promote the proliferation of crypts, especially bitcoin.

Square is led by Twitter CEO and Bitcoin attorney Jack Dorsey. Last month , Square announced that it had invested $ 50 million in cryptocurrencies by purchasing 4,709 BTC.